Working in North Yorkshire UK.

Spend about 2 weeks in Bentham as part of an international studio exchange organized by Great Places Lakes and Dales a project in England funded by the Arts Council England and the Heritage Lottery Fund.The aim of this scheme is to help retain and bring young people back to living in the rural areas through creative interventions.We stayed at the house and worked in the studio of Rachel Thornton to work together on art projects.The idea was to share what it is like to live as an artist in a rural context, and how we have carved out a career as an artist while living rurally and to produce a new body of work while taking part in the exchange inspired by shared experience and in response to a new working and living environment.

Well for me this was the perfect environment, imagine rural England where I visited before to discover all these “lost” standing stones sites and examining the “stone art” engraved in these.The symbols of time gone by, history and messages………I was lucky enough to find and secure an old Lime Stone and 4 Shale Stones which were just waiting for me to be selected

.I worked inspired by my previous encounter with these stones, my memories of that time and by the fact that I was back again in that environment and able to create my own “statements” in Stone and place these in that fabulous landscape.A great opportunity for me personally to become part of history, bad or splendid does not matter.

Stone hunting.

Trip to Vizarron famous for its Marble mostly White but I needed to find “natural” shaped stones not big split blocks, also I wanted Black colored Marble .So we ended up with our local marble artisan guide named Isidro Aquilar or Don Chilo who knows everybody out there and who guided us on a trip of 1.5 hours high into the mountains to introduce us to the very sparsely found black marble mines in a place called Altamira.Found the marble and the stones I liked, now just split them into parts of about 250 kg and transport these to my studio ,the “easy” part …………hehehehee………not quite……….


Found alongside the highway from Morelia,- to Salamanca,_ at the exit to Moroleon – city about 2 hours drive from our studio ,a place with an accumulation of loads of stones just waiting to be picked up by me.At first glance these are looking like Basalt but really are a bit different.Very hard and heavy though ,and perfect to polish ,also they have rare and strange shapes and a beautiful patina perfect for me.I picked up about 7 stones but I have to go for some more I think, look harder and find some more strange stones to work on.I really like my way of collecting stones while I am driving, hunting for these.Mexico is like paradise for me everywhere you go you can find different stone materials just laying around to be discovered and made into beautiful art works…………….if you know where to look………….


Stone Sculpture.


Stone Sculpture. Size 62 by 42 by 14 cm.


Started to work on white marble stones from mexico.It is much softer than basalt or granite but I like to work on these stones.After a few day’s all is covered with fine white dust……….just waiting for the rains to clean all up again……….The material is quite heavy and relative hard,easy to work with and all will be finished quite rapidly I think but I just have to wait and see how the polishing of these stones will work out…………Actually for me is the first ever time I worked with marble heheee,I will try out next time some black colored ones………..



Exhibition in a small but beautifull gallery of a friend of me in Iyo-city.The gallery space is called “Miaki-Hall”, ( )designed and made by the famous architect called Tamotsu Teshima.( ) I placed 8 sculptures in the gallery space in,-and outside , and carmen placed 12 of her encaustic paintings on the walls,the result was a balanced combination with the architecture and the abstract works of art.The materials blended in to each other,wooden ceilings,concrete floors,plastered walls,stainless steel,outside environment with basalt stone sculptures,polished and natural,and encaustic paintings in subdued colors………All perfect……..









Perfect “Copy”.

Finally my bronze copy of one of my stone sculptures was done………poehehee took quite a lot of time but the result looks great,almost better then the original .Same shape,form and texture but different material………shining bronze in comparison with the polished surfaces of the stone material .Heavy and light…….Well I have to make more of these just need to select the right ones………

Bronze copy.

Bronze and Stone.

Bronze and Stone.



Working in Japan.

In early december 2017 I started to work again in Japan at my friend’s stone company called Iyo-Sekizai,in Saiyo-city on Shikoku island.It felt good to be able to use the facility again a paradise for any sculptor,saws in any size ,cranes and all you might ever need to create works.They let me work every day even during the new years holiday’s……….Just perfect………I was more then happy with the results,they came out great,just the way I imagined ……….Thanks to the material great fine,hard basalt from china……….